Hair Sprig

Elegant when pinned into an upswept hairstyle. For other styles and long hair you can attach it to a hair band (to the side is pretty), comb, clamp or clip.

Flexible to follow the contour of your hair style

Works well as a corsage or as a decoration for your cake, bible, hat etc.

Simply pin the sprig into your hair using kirbygrips. Snip off the curl of excess wire if you wish and bend over the sharp ends with tweezers

Alternatively unfurl the excess wire and use it to attach to a headband, comb or clip.

If you would like more of the same, larger or smaller, just let me know.

I can make these to complement your outfit.

Choose from a large selection of freshwater pearls, paper & satin flowers, swarovski crystals, coloured glass beads, semi-precious, glasspearl etc. Silver or gold wire.

Suitable for Bridal wear, special occasions and for those dressing up persons who love something a little different. A gorgeous gift for Birthdays, anniversaries etc.

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