ID 44

Haematite Black Feather Fascinator

Proper Tantalising

The feathers rise appx. 15 cms above crown of headband.

Hematite-like black faceted and matching smooth glass beads with a sprinkling of swarovski crystal for a brilliant gleam. The feathers have that lustrous greeny sheen that ducks have around their necks. Golden band and wirework.

Eye-catching and elegant, fun to wear and suits a range of hairstyles. Whilst reminiscent of the '20s, it also compliments contemporary fashion. Perfect for those who "don't do hats" but need something to complete that special outfit.

Whether you` re the Mother of the Bride, Party Person, Fetisher, Posh Goth, Performer - or you just love unusual headgear. This is the business.... Go Forth and Fascinate, tantalise and remember.... There`s lots of fancies out there just waiting to be tickled!

One from my 2004 collection of headdresses. This is my own design which I have individually handcrafted.

This style is a limited edition. One of only 5 made






Feather Fascinator

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