ID 46

Hair Sprig. Real Garnet, Swarovski Crystal

An exquisite piece of hair jewellery. 2 x 8mm and 1 x 10mm swarovski crystals, polished garnet chips, golden wiring. See it dazzle in the sunshine with rainbow prisms.

To set off your bridal or other special occasion finery -

Simply fix into your hair with kirby grips. Gorgeous tucked into an upswept hairstyle, really classy. For other styles and long hair, you can use the excess wire to attach it to a hairband ( to the side is pretty ), comb, clamp or clip.

Works well as a corsage, bible decoration or secured to your hat.

Hair Stylists seem to love these as they're so versatile. Many of my bridal clients have come to my gallery on the recommendation of their salon.




Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski crystals, polished to reflect light from their many facets.

We use the very finest "silver" grade of Swarovski.

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